Moto-Lita Steering Wheel

My Morgan had the +4 Super Sport 15” Steering Wheel probably from around 1970. It is a beautiful steering wheel but a little too big. In 2014 the wheel was cracked several places and a new was necessary. A wheel from Moto-Lita UK seems the right. The wheel I decided on was the MK9, 14”, flat with thin slots in the spokes and made of Mahogany as the best match to the walnut dashboard.

The Alu Bos kit was not available from Moto-Lita for my Morgan model, so I decided to turn one myself on my lath. This is an adapter that goes with the old inside. Before I received the MK9 wheel I tested out the adaptor with at 14” black leather wheel for a Lotus Elan as seen on one of the pictures.