With the very high engine power, generating up to more than 300 HP, heath management has been one of the most challenging issues. Check Air cooling.

Before all the engine cooling the temperature at the feet could be up to 60 deg C (140 deg F) at ambient 25 deg C. Though with the heath management shown in the ‘Air cooling’ section the delta temperature increase was reduced to approx. 12 deg C.

Having a vacation in North Italy and Provence summer 2012 where the ambient temperature could be and was up to 40 deg C, I had to do some further improvements before the trip.

I did a quick implementation based 40 mm plumbing pipe PVC fittings and some black 40mm flex paper tube. The adjustable nozzle was made by inserting a 2 mm plywood washer made on my lathe. A 1 mm hole was drilled through and a paperclip insert as axle. The fittings make it easy to direct the air flow.

The PVC fittings first was painted with PVC primer and black paint after.
The connections between the fittings was made with 40 mm black paper flex tube. I drilled through the firewall and through the inner front wing out in the right wheelhouse for an air intake. This air intake was made interim by cutting in half a 5 litre plastic bottle provided with and air-filter insert. Later an air intake made of aluminium will be made.

The system worked so well that our feet felt like a lower temperature than the surroundings.