Cool Stuff

iPad as car navigator

Using most of the small navigators in an open car is difficult in high sun. The screen density is too low and the graphic is too small.
For a trip in North Italy and France I decided to buy the TomTom APP (approx 115 USD) for an iPad2 (yes, that was the newest at this time). To protect the iPad I am using a Belkin folio stand. I’ve sewn a leather flap on the cover end and made a hole to fit on one of the TONNEAU taps. The iPad2 navigation is hanging softly in front of the glove compartment.

The iPad2 takes quit some power in navigation mode. A full battery only will last 2 hours without charging. A battery USB plug charger at min 2 amp is needed.

The iPad has a very bright display and the navigation graphic is large. It is so easy to see in high sun for both driver and co-driver. A cap to cover the screen is needed if it should be operated in full sun at 40 deg C ambient for a long time.

Dual side pipe

Why a dual side pipe? Just because it looks nice and has a better sound.
Made of 2½” stainless steel tube and bends.


Also for the trip to North Italy and France Aug 2012 where temperature could be + 40 deg C, more air to the feet was needed.
Made of cheap plumbing pipe fittings and paper flex tube 40mm.
It works very good.