They Morgan was born with ‘single bench’ ‘float-on-air’ cushions leather seats in 1965.
They have not been very comfortable and not leaving much space in front of the driver, but I had the idea that I should not change to bucket seats but keep the car’s expression.

I made the ‘Headrests’ in 2007. That is an integrated design with a strong alu-stainless steal bar that is back carrier for the single bench. The design also integrated the 3 point seat belts. This design implied that I should stick to the single bench in case of renewing it. Single bench seats also gives less turbulence.

In the summer 2012 I decide to make a new single bench design that should give about 10 cm more space in the cabin and improve the lumbar comfort.

It is made on a base of 15 mm marine plywood with alu boxes for the 3 point seat belt rollers.
The seat bag is made of medium solid foam formed in back shape with a hot filament running 10 volt 18 amp. Many back tests and adjustments were made before the final design.
It is not easy to work with foam 🙂

Anyway after the leather upholstery it looks very good with an excellent lumbar comfort and adding 10cm (4″) more in front of the driver. It also match the neck rest design in a better way.

The float-on-air cushions also was renewed increasing the foam 1 cm and upholstery with new leather.

Though then I could not reach the gear shift and had to modify that as well.