Turbo Manifold MK5 2022

Until now I have made four different turbo manifolds and 8 different turbo configurations. The power range had been up to more than 285HP/430nm with the MK3 manifold 2017 tube 37 mm on the small X-Flow 1600cc engine. The highest power was not that good for drivability as the power first really kicked in at approx. 3500 rpm, but then the fun came.

The MK2 manifold 2009 was made with 34 mm tubes and with the GT2056. It seems to be the best compromise with a wider powerband and 234HP/360nm and boost from 2000rpm

The Turbo manifold MK4 2020 was compact and elegant but not performing well. It seems it almost blocked the engine exhaust. It only gave 190HP/320nm. Not to live with ☹

Garrett released in 2020, Garrett Boost Club, a new program of high-performance turbos for small engines 0.4-2.5l. GBC 14,17, 20 and 22 up to 350HP. They should be improved by 10-15% over their earlier models in terms of boost to the same turbine pressure.

I decided to try out the GBC20-300 0.8-2.0l up to 300HP. This should be with a new improved manifold, the MK5. This time I got it made of a professional welder. Much nicer welding than I can do.

Dyno run mid-January showed some regulation issues with the internal wastegate. Having that partly solved at lower boost and rpm I made some run. The MK5 turbo manifold and the Garrett GBC20-300 on the 1600cc engine gave at 1.6 Bar 422nm/192HP at 3250 RPM and 220HP at 4350 RPM. That is good usable performance in an 890kg car. More studies must be made in springtime.