Engine results review

This page is summing up the Ford Kent X-flow 1600cc engine results over the last 25 years. Several engines have been built. The Turbo engines to the standard bore 1600cc with standard CAM. In the early days they did not survive all the experiments. The special gearbox E8 has been blown up two times in 3. Gear, but it also only is rated to 340nm and has been loaded with 540 nm.

All Turbo configurations has been running with water Injection (up to 20%) to control the composition and run on 99 octan V-Power with additive additional 2 octane and lead. EGT and turbo manifold pressure, knock, oil temperature and more has been monitored. Most tests have been data logged on PC.

1.    1996. The first plot one year after I bought the car
84.5 HP 5.000 RPM and 132nm at 4.000 RPM

2.    2002. Build a new high compression 10.5 NA engine, one over bore 1648cc, new CAM, TEC-3 Fuel Injection and welded new manifold and exhaust system
124 HP 5.567 RPM and 168nm 4.812 RPM

3.    2008. Third Turbo configuration GT2056 (before T25, GT2860) New build 1600cc X-Flow engine normal CAM. ECU TEC-3.
227 HP 5.240 RPM and 356nm 3.588 RPM 1.6 Bar

4.    2016/17. 6th Turbo configuration GT2259 (before KKK K16, K16 special made) Manifold MK3, ECU TEC-GT, (2010 hydraulic ceramic clutch set for 500nm, BGH E8) Real Time Torque and Power development and measurments with TQP 900/800.
Cardan power 3.g
261HP 5.600 RPM and 367nm 4.200 RPM 1.75Bar

5.    2016/17 summary of MK3 manifold GT2259 and MK2 manifold GT2056

GT2056. MK2 manifold, 3. gear cardan power 1.7 Bar
MK2 system had very good flow and widest achieved torque band   * NOTE Not run to higher than 5.100 RPM. Power may increase at higher
234HP 5.100 RPM* and 360nm 3.700 RPM 1.7 Bar

GT2259. MK3 manifold 3. Gear cardan power 2.0 Bar. First cross the GT 2056 MK2 power at 3.650 RPM in 3. Gear and 3.200 RPM in 4. gear
272 HP 5.400 RPM* and 430nm 4.100 RPM 2.0 Bar  

6.    2020. The 7 configuration. MK4 manifold ‘low complexity’ and Mitsubishi Turbo P/N 500372213 like the GT2056. ECU Master EMU Black.
Results: 190HP/4700RPM and 320nm/3167RPM. This is even worse than expected, but the drivability was good. I have said, now it must be enough on this type of engine, but but…. A new configuration must be made.

7.    2022. MK5 Turbo manifold with Garrett GBC20-300
I have two reasons for making a new configuration. First. The MK4 manifold was simple and elegant but performing very badly. Second Garrett has released a new series of performance turbos in November 2020. This is the GBC series for small engine displacements 0.4-2.5l with up to 350HP.

Dyno run mid-January showed some regulation issues with the internal wastegate. Having that partly solved at lower boost and rpm I made some run. The MK5 turbo manifold and the Garrett GBC20-300 on the 1600cc engine gave at 1.6 Bar 422nm/192HP at 3250 RPM and 220HP at 4350 RPM. That is good usable performance in an 890kg car. More studies must be made in springtime

NOTE. There is a little unknown loss in the E8 gearbox third gear that must be added to the results. This means the early measured 283 HP might be within tolerances. Similar in the straight through 4. Gear there must be a little loss.

The loss in the rear axle has been measured to 8%. Wheel Power say 10-12% off.