Turbo Manifold MK4 for Mitsubishi or GT2056. 2020

Was there a need for welding another Turbo manifold configuration? Really NOT

The performance with the MK3 manifold, 37mm pipes, and the GT2259 was very impressive approx. 280HP/430nm and with the smaller GT2056 a wide powerband with 234HP/360nm.

But why not try to make the simplest type and see the performance difference to the optimized flow in the MK3 and MK2 manifolds. The MK3 was made to max power with 37 mm pipes. MK2 was made to best flow with 34 mm pipes and performed better with the GT2056.

The Mk4 have shorter pipes and my build up the boost a little quicker. That will be tested. The flow will not be very symmetrical, but interesting to see the powerband and max torque and power vs. boost.

The Garrett GT2056 seems to give the widest powerband and satisfying performance. But I wanted to test out the Mitsubishi equivalent P/N 500372213 and after that back to GT2056. So far, only two low winter runs have been data logged with the MK4 manifold and the Mitsubishi turbo.

In terms of building up boost it is 75 RPM after the MK3 manifold and the GT2056 configuration.

November 2021 i test on rolling dyno. It was not up to the expectations. 190HP/320nm. Not to live with 🙁

New configuration must be made.