Turbo Manifold MK1

Having trained a great deal in stainless steel welding on the NA engine and the special design exhaust system, I should be in shape for the more complex turbo manifold.

The pipes from the cylinder head to the collector should be of equal length. The length is also affecting the power characteristics. If they are short, the exhaust pulses from the engine will start the turbine as quick as possible. If they are longer power will come in later but produce more top power.

As the Ford Kent engine don’t like back pressure, longer pipes will make a more constant pressure into the turbine (as peak pulses will be averaged) and the back pressure will be lower. A smaller turbine can be used to make higher torque at medium RPM. That might not give the highest possible power or shortest time on a ¼ mile, but give the best driving dynamics in an overall usage (at that stage more power later :-).