Turbo Manifold MK2

I was not suppose to make another turbo manifold, its a big job. On the other hand I wanted to see if I a bigger turbo could have a pressure take up almost as good as the smaller one if the manifold flow was optimised as much as possible. Still producing more power.
The other reason was, that it could be fun to see, what the car can do on a strip. To run an 1/8 (1/4) mile we need top power.

Smaller pipes now dia. 34 mm instead of 38 mm was used to get the airspeed up and a super collector to get it down into the turbine. After a lot of difficult welding work and 60 hours later, it took the first run.

First run was without Power Wrap. The manifold exhaust temp. just whent to 650 deg C at 1.5 bar. The smaller turbo got to 950 deg C at 1.5 bar (with Power Wrap). The pressure take up came in about 550 RPM later. I was a little disappointed. But…
With Power Wrap the temp got to 850 deg C at 1.5 bar and this came in only approx. 350 RPM higher than the smaller turbo.

The first number of runs showed power in the range of 248 to 276 Hp  (1.5-1.7 Bar,  22-25 psi). Later optimized to 283 HP 321 lbft (433 nm) at 1.9 Bar (28 psi). It has run up to 2.2 bar. Result will come later.

With the car weight at 880 kg, 3.1 kg/HP. Its fast…

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