Strip Down

In 1995 I bought the Morgan 4/4 1965. It was thirty years old and had 110.000 km on the odometer. The engine, was a 1600cc Ford Kent, a very reliable, small engine used in many kit cars and the Ford Cortina GT Mk2.

Due to the second owner that was living near by, and the Morgan factory, I could trace most of its history.
It was used as an every day car for the first six years and already in 1971 it was worn-down so much, due to very bad rust preserving from the factory, that it was necessary with a frame-off restoration. At that time the chassis and wings were electroplated. I was the fifth owner and at that time, 24 years later, it had again become rusty at certain places.

In spite of this, I drove it for four years, on holidays, all over Europe with great pleasure. It was 100% reliable.
One day I looked into the engine room and wanted to clean it up.

The engine and clutch also needed an overhaul. Taking the engine out it looked even more miserable.

A few day later and far to few photos later, it was totally stripped down.

If you will restore a car: Take lots of detailed photos.

It becomes much easier and takes a lot shorter time to build it up again.