Stripping the Morgan down to almost atoms only takes a few days. Re-building the car and restoring every tiny piece, this takes lots of time. I stopped counting at 1500 hours, which was before rebuilding the engine and welding new exhaust manifold and exhaust. All this before converting to fuel injection and turbo. But that’s what having a classic car is about.

Some people buy a lot of new stuff to save time. All parts are available as this Morgan is still in production. The Morgan 4/4 is now almost 80 years old.

But a restoration is the challenge of getting old parts look new (renewed). A lot of cleaning and painting in high quality. The body parts and wings all were electroplated and made at a professional paint shop. I also used stainless steel bolts and nuts for the assembling.

One of my problems was that I had not taken many detailed photos before disassembling and had to visit a good fiend with a similar car and check a lot of details.