Rover V8 on Dyno

The Rover 3500 V8 P6B 1975 was tested on Dyno July 8, 2015, this was after the RVS engine treatment. I am running the Rover lean with an about AFR 15.2:1 in the low to mid range load, but never seen the AFR at Full Load. On the dyno bench it came out that the AFR at Full Load was approx. 13.3:1 which is not fare from best power at approx 12.8:1, so i decided to let it stay that way.

This model has in various magazines been rated between 146-161 HP but probably all in SAE horse power.

The test was made based on DIN HP and showed 138.5 HP at 4825 RPM and torque 245.8 nm at 2740 RPM. This probably is not too fare from SAE specified power which can vary a lot. The car speed at 5180 RPM is 193.9 km/h.

Rover V8 1975 on Dyno