Road Force Wheel Balancing

Static and Dynamic wheel balancing is for many cars enough to achieve a non-vibrating drive up to the speed limits. Modern wheels and tires are fairly accurate but even a small damage of a rim can result in a vibration in the car at higher speed.

Though after you have tried Road Force Wheel Balancing you will experience a big difference in a much quieter drive.

Older cars like the ROVER P6B with ROSTYL steel wheels it can be a big problem with vibrations even with the best traditional wheel balancing.

The Hunter GSP9700 (or any Hunter 9xxx) Force Match Wheel Balancing will make your car a new dream.

Road Force Balancer simulates driving conditions, like the weight of the vehicle. Hunter DSP 9700 load 550kg on the tire and wheel while it is in motion. The system detects weight imbalance along with other causes of vibration that a regular wheel and tire balancer misses.

For Road Force shows how to turn the tire on the wheel for least weight strike.

See an example the following drawing and how the wheels with different strikes can be located for the least vibration in the car.

My Rover is with Rostyle wheels. One had a force of 15.5kg before road force balancing, and after it was reduced to 5.5kg turning the tire for minimum force.

Wheels with a force less than 6-9kg will work ok up to 130km/h (81mlh). Below 5kg is excellent on most cars at high speed.

August 2021 new tires with 1” white stripes from MaxxIs MA-1 195/75 R14 WSW M+S was mounted. I have 8 Rostyle wheels and hoped that 4 could be made for reasonable road force.

The results were after much work L/F 8.5kg, R/F 9.0kg, L/B 8.5kg and R/B 4.0kg.

This is ok for up to 110-130km/h.