Real Time Torque and Power system TQP800

The TQP 800 was a further development of the TQP 900 real time Torque and Power measuring system. The intention was to avoid the antenna to surround the cardan and do rpm sense without the trigger tooth board.

The idea was to locate this system at the end of the cardan near the rear axle.

With the fixed antenna seeing the rotating antenna once per revolution the RPM information is available.

13.56 MHz was used for power transferee to the rotating unit also resulting in smaller dimensions. The return data rate is 423 kbps 75uS per 12bit torque update (resolution 718nm/4096 eq. 0.175 nm).

The mechanical operating dia. is 94 mm. Big antenna 120 deg 1/3. Small antenna 60 deg. 1/6

At 6000 RPM eq. 10mS per rev.

Small antenna torque window 1.666 mS up to 22 update per revolution.

Big antenna torque window 3.33 mS up to 44 update per revolution.

The big antenna has the advantage of operating at bigger distance from the cardan rotating unit. Up to 15 mm.

Overall, this system also worked reliable and simpler to install than the Yoke mounting. Though it also could be developed for the Yoke as this is simpler to modify with two SG’s.

I did not find it necessary.