LIFAN 168F-2BR 6.5HP Engine

I bought an LIFAN 168F 6.5 hp with a 2:1 gear ratio engine from Wiltec in Germany.

The purpose was to build a go kart with my 12 years old grandson. I leaned him to weld so he should do the full job.

The LIFAN engine have a governor for constant speed over a load range. This must be removed and replaced with a link and a return spring. Check the pictures.

To compare how good this engine run on gasoline and syngas I made a set-up for a wide band AFR meter LM-2 from Innovate. As it is a small engine it was necessary to make a trumpet to collect enough the exhaust gas during run. Check the video. The mixture was in the little rich area 12-14 where the optimum is 14.7, but very fine for a small engine.