Fuel Injection

Converting the Morgan from two double Weber carburettors to fuel injection was quit challenging. It involved conversion from mechanical fuel pump to a high pressure multi injection fuel system. From mechanical distributor ignition system to high precision 60-2 crank trigger high power direct fire ignition system (DFU). The air intake in the bonnet gives a lot of fresh air and should be used. The space from the Weber’s should be used for a Plenum. The inlet manifold should be modified with four injectors and a fuel rail. The air-intake and Plenum was first modelled in cardboard and cobber foil, and then constructed in aluminium. Everything was also designed for a later turbo upgrade. My Morgan only had a single string fuel line from the tank and not prepared for high pressure fuel circulation. I could make a return line, but as the fuel should be pumped out of the tank it will not be able to supply a high pressure pump. I decided to build a ‘swirl pot’ on 2.4 litre and have the high pressure fuel circulating to that. The high pressure (10bar) in-line fuel pump is circulating 2.5l/min at 3 bars. A low pressure pump will fill-up the ‘catch tank’ with 1l/min at max and have a overflow drain back to the main tank. The high pressure side is regulated to nominal 3 bars with a Malpassi 384 fuel regulator. Input from the Plenum to the Malpassi will keep the fuel pressure constant regardless of vacuum (-0.7 bar) or overpressure (2 bar). The Plenum is made to have approx 1.5liter and having a 64 mm throttle body from a BMW735i. The throttle body is facing down and having a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on the side. The Plenum have output for a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor and containing an Air Temperature Sensor and output for brake assistance and fuel regulator. Extra outputs was left for later use for a MAP instrument and a BOV (Blow Off Vent).