Engine Results

Tuning is a kind of art. Which performance and drivability should the car have and what can be achieved? But also what can legally be certified.

All my work has been concentrated on learning the technology to a very detailed level, more than anything else.

So far 5 different engine configurations have been built.
NA tuned fuel injection, Turbo: T25, GT2860RS, GT2056, GT2259 and special K16

Much work has been done on design, simulation, build and test of five different Turbo configurations on two different engines. One with a fast road 292 deg cam and the other with a standard GT cam. This has lead to a better understanding of what a Turbo can do. One conclusion is that you should spend some time, before implementing a project, on what you really want of car performance.

1. Original Ford Kent 1600cc with two double Weber’s.IMGP1618

Almost standard Ford Cortina 1600cc Mk2 performance.
Conclusion: 83 HP Reliable and fun.


2. Ford Kent 1660cc Tuning.

Two oversize bore, high compression, flat pistons, high flow head, larger inlet/exhaust valves, dual springs, double cam chain, mild road cam BCF2. Two double Weber’s 40mm/34 mm venturi, own high performance manifold and silencer system, 215mm clutch.

Excellent performance 124+HP/172nm. Difficult to get the ignition timing and Weber’s to track over the full load and RMP range.


3. Ford Kent 1660cc Fuel Injection.

Rebuild of ‘configuration 2’ with multipoint high pressure fuel injection and total engine management system. Throttle body 65mm, High Power Precision Ignition, MAP, TPS, CLT and Air Temperature Sensor, large plenum… Remote panel for manual ignition and mixture control and more. Wide-band lambda.

A whole new world of having total freedom to map ignition and mixture over the full load and RPM range. Throttle response and torque from low RPM range much better. Top power slightly lower due to cross talk in plenum because of back pulsing from inlet cycles (cross over high lift cam).
123 HP Excellent low RPM performance.

IMG_13964. Ford Kent 1600cc Turbo.

Fuel injection, different renewed Ford Kent 1600cc engine build for Turbo charging. Five different Turbo configuration was build. The current Turbo is the GT2259. Later the special made KKK K16 will be tested. Forged pistons, low compression 7.8:1, high flow head, Std Ford GT cam, high pressure oil pump, external Waste-gate with electronic control ‘Turbo Smart’, Water Injection, Special turbo manifold MK2, New Exhaust System 2½”, ECU TEC-GT.

Extreme performance. Scary torque and power from 3000RPM and up.

Long long time of development and optimization with ‘impressive’ results

283 HP/ 321 lbft (433nm) 3g, 1017mb, 17degC, 1.9 bar (28 psi).

Super car performance with 3.1 kg/HP, 80-120 km/h (50-75 mph) 2.7 sec and 0-100 km/h in 4.2 sec. The engine still have relative high engine efficiency and good fuel consumption at light load. The turbo engine runs 6-13 km/liter depending on power usages.

The engine has been run at pressure up to 2.2 bar. Results will come later.