2CV6 Home Painting Work

After the rust repair work a lot of polyester putty and grinding work had to be done. You must be looking very careful on all surfaces as every small scratch can be seen after the paint. l started with sandpaper 80 and ended with 400 before the primer. I had to go over with polyester putty 3-4 times and grinding in between.

First, I hand painted with O’Watrol primer on the raw plates. It is a very good alcohol-based primer for metal ships. Then grey 2k primer and then the red 2k acrylic top paint. I used a little warmer red than the original Rouge Vallelunga (AC 448-red). In between every process I grinded with sandpaper 220 to 400.

My spray gun is not a professional type, and the paint booth was my carport covered with tarpaulins. No over pressure and air extraction. I carried a portable air filter system that got blocked with the paint spray dust too fast.

My result was only acceptable. I have not done this before and will not do it again. It is too difficult to get an actable result without professional tools, painting cabin and training. The doors were not repainted as they look ok. The color was selected from those.

The wheels, nuts and bumper got through the same process. That went very well as they are smaller parts.