2CV Electronic Ignition System

The 2CV engine didn’t run well. With hot engine it was very difficult to start regardless procedures with full accelerator pedal or not. I tried a new ignition coil. No change. I decided to buy an electronic ignition system ‘DG Nition’. That was a totally different game. Easy to start, no hot start issues, more low/mid-end torque, more power, higher top end speed. Probably also lower fuel consumption. They are not overpromising

Installing the Electronic Ignition system

The fan must be removed. The bolt was loosened with an impact wrench. Wiggle a rod from side to side to loosen the fan. Take the fan out. Unscrew the old ignition and take everything out. Mount the two magnets (check video). Connect the wires. The old uses two wires. The new three. The extra is red and should go to +12v.Mount the electronic ignition with loose bolts, it should be rotated to set the timing correct.

With a 5.5 mm rod see pic you have to find the hole ‘red line’ into the flywheel ‘it is not easy’. With the bolt in the crankshaft turn the flywheel so you find the hole and block the flywheel with the rod.

Turn ignition 12vON (absolute don’t try to start the engine) and turn the ignition system to a blue led just turns on. Redo to make sure you are spot on. Tighten the screws and you are done. Take the rod out assemble everything and start the engine.

Testing of spark plug color and compression was fine. Fine grey and 152psi (10.7kg) both cylinders