Winde Screens

A Morgan has very low doors. The low carved doors are upholstered, stuffed on top with foam and covered with soft leather. It feels more comfortable to rest your elbow and makes the small cabin feel larger.

The drawback of this design is a lot of turbulence in the cabin and even at light rain water, will get sucked to the side and back of your trousers.

Morgan windows are fastened with two bolts outside the doors. They will minimize the turbulence and water. However they look very ugly and sit floppy, so I have rarely used them.

These wind screens is a much nicer solution.

It is amazing how turbulence is gone, and when it rains, no wet trousers, you don’t fell locked in and the look is much nicer.

This solution, almost as good as windows, was developed by a friend of mine.

His implementation is in black painted aluminium.

In 2008 I have made a solution of 4 mm plywood.

On the inner side at the top they are strengthened with a 25×2 mm aluminium strip. It’s covered with felt on the inner side. On both sides they are covered with black lather mounted with spray glue.

They look as if created for the Morgan, has a soft finish and no vibration noise.