Morgan – The British Sports Car

How a cmorgan_logoar manufacturer produce a car with absolute no comfort, wooden frame, fixed rear axle, a steering and front suspension from 1909 and a design almost from 1936, still be successful in 2015. The Morgan 4/4 celebrated its seventy years (70) anniversary in 2006. A Morgan is hard to ride, cramped but full of the British history and atmosphere. Not many produced. A few years back, it could take more than 5 years to get a new.

My Morgan – British Racing Green (BRG), black leather, walnut dash-board, 72 spokes wire wheels. black bonnet belt w/sheepskin lining.

This is the story of a Morgan 4/4 from 1965 that has been the passion to own, drive, restore and improve. It has been a test bed from theory to practice of the most modern engine technology with computer control and turbo charging.

The car meets a dream. It’s a British icon with all what’s British: No luxury, no comfort, simple, hand build and expensive.

Since I was eighteen I had a dream of owning a Morgan. It should not be the +8 with a big 3.5 litre V8 as I had another dream. One day I would learn about the basic engine technology and learn from classic engine tuning and up to the most advanced computer controlled and forced air tuning. To do that an old 4/4 with the Ford Kent 1600cc engine would be easier to work with (half the job). I found the Morgan 4/4 1965 in 1995.