Build a Wood Pellet Gasifier

This is my first wood pellets gasifier

It is made of 25l water expansion tank dia. 290mm h 400 mm. Removing the rubber bold and making a lit dia. 160 mm. The tank should give space enough for 15kg of wood pellets.

The burn tube is dia. 85 mm and length 250 mm stainless steel 1.5 mm

The reactor is made of a small Helium party balloon tank dia. 200 h 300 mm

The cyclone filter is also a small helium tank dia. 200 h 300 mm. This filter is connected with 1 ¼ inch tubes. The center tube (output) goes down to 50 mm from the bottom. Underneath is a tart collector glass.

Behind the three tanks is a gas cooler ‘radiator’ made of 4 one-inch tubes on two 40×40 mm square tubes. The size w 410 mm h 680 mm

The gas output is divided into two lines.1-inch tube and fittings to a variable speed fan for ‘startup the gasifier’. The gas output is a ¾ inch for an up to 10HP engine.

Wood pellets will give about 3-5kWh per kg. The tank can container about 15 kg what will be equivalent to approx. 5-6 l gasoline. Gasoline contains about 9 kwh per liter

Wood gas has about 20% Helium 3 % Methane, 20% Carbon monoxide and 55% Nitrogen and some CO2.

Everything was welded with MAC for the black iron and TIG welding for the stainless steel.

After welding and grinding it was painted.