Air Cooling

Increasing the engine power from 82 HP to more than 300 HP is a very challenging development in terms of engine modifications and not least heath management.
Power is generating a lot of heat, and I mean a lot of heat.
I did not take this serious enough in the first place, with the result of having up to 60 deg C (140 deg F) at the feet.

After many temperature and airflow measurements with data log on road tests, a lot of airflow improvements was implemented.
The air should be guided hard through the radiator, with separate intake for the air inter-cooler, generator and firewall.

The engine oil cooler was relocated from the front to inside the right wing with a separate air intake and extra air to the Turbo inlet filter.

A Front Spoiler with three intakes was developed.

  1. Intake for Engine Oil Cooler
  2. Intake for Air to Air Inter-cooler
  3. Intake for the Turbo air inlet filter