2CV6 After Restauration

As explained in the Before section: A new manifold, heat exchangers and engine cowling was renewed. The ignition was replaced with an electronic ignition and new ignition coil. The carburetor was removed, disassembled, it was cleaned put together with new gaskets.

After this the engine was starting perfect with a perfect stable idle cold or hot. Video in section ‘Electronic Ignition System’.

The rust work was not easy. Thin plates only are 0.6 or 0.7 mm. I repaired with 0.7 mm plates.

I had to replace the rear inner wings, C pillars, side and outer wings and more parts. Most parts I first rust protected with O’Watrol primer on the raw plates. Then grey 2k primer and then the red 2k acrylic repaint. I used a little warmer red than the original Rouge Vallelunga (AC 448-red).

A great deal was home painted as it was too expensive having the whole car professional painted. My result was only acceptable. I have not done this before and will not do it again. It is too difficult to get an actable result without professional tools and a painting cabin.

The wheels, nuts and bumper got through the same process. That went very well as they are smaller parts.